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Valencia Rose #1

We did not call this plant number one because it was the best of the varieties but we think it just might be. Distinctly different structure with extreme branching. Each node becomes a branch that will go off in opposite angles from the other. This allows you a very full plant and the Valencia Rose will require a bit more space than its derivatives like the Blue Rose or Blue

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Valencia Rose #2

The Valencia Rose #2 is a hearty plant with a good finishing height of about 1.2 meters when brought to fruition. The abundant flowers start from the bottom all the way to the top. The plant can and does branch well and each node will produce its own fat bud covered in resin. The distinctly long slender leaves of the Valencia Rose and deep green color can be kept through

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The Valencia Rose Varieties

When manna from heaven pours down from heaven no one asks questions. An incredible bud from America has produced two mothers from two seeds that are fortifying the Spanish provinces and spreading across the land. Valencia Rose #1 and Valencia Rose #2 are two new plants that may be the most pungent, fast growing, dense sativa plants on the scene today. We have a photo presentation of these amazing plants

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Bob Marley, Marlies Collie, or Just Bob Most Desired Cannabis Plants

Here is one of the finest plants in the Indica varieties. Named after the cult hero Bob Marley the Marlies Collie shown here is from 1999 and is from the original mother still alive in the province of Valencia Spain. Grown on the rooftop of a farmer in a small village by the Mediterranean Sea this plant has all the fine characteristics we find in the Bob. A special sweet

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Marijuana Seeds, Cannabis Seeds and the Dutch Seed Mafia

Pueblo de Maria, Spain The seed is about to crack as Cannabis Farmer exposes the Seed Mafia and the story sprouts. This is a first in a series exposing the Canabis seed monopolies. Seeds grow great in Spain and that is no news to locals here who have been supplying the Dutch seed houses their wares for years. Recently a battle for the seeds sales and the vast profits within

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Cannabis Vending Machines Buy Legal Marijuana in LA

This is a great video. Watch the Glenn Beck show look on in horror as the law is changed and marijuana is sold in vending machines, “like a can of soda” as they reported. We have done another story how the UN is trying to coax the US federal government to enforce UN laws on California. The war has just started.

Farmers in Balk-i-Sharif Back in the Hash Business!

Where opium poppies used to colour the plains of northern Afghanistan, towering cannabis plants now sway in the wind, filling the air with their pungent odour. Farmers in Balkh province were banned from cultivating opium last year and have returned to another cash crop, a rich source of income that is still tolerated by the authorities. Balkh’s burgeoning hashish industry does not pay farmers quite as much as the heroin

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Sam The Skunkman DEA Scammer?

Who is Sam the Skunkman and where did he come from? Better yet, whom is he really backed by?

As with almost everything these days the hidden agendas of those who are trying to control the weed market, or any power organization, the theories abound. To me, in my opinion, there is only the gut feelings and organizational independence to keep you on a straight path.

Cannabis Farmer is always interested in weed, how to grow and how to cultivate. Having spent the better part of 45 years in the search for knowledge and power in the plant have provided an abundance of providence.


UK Government at Odds With Science

The recent spate of news from the UK is fraught with tales of government abuse of position. The governments chief drug adviser has called out the government for the frauds they have perpetrated to raise penalties for cannabis use to include jail and huge fines.