Jack Herer and the Conspiracy Cup

Jack Herer and the Conspiracy Cup Jack and I had crossed paths many times in the years. From San Francisco in the last 60’s to this last time in Amsterdam at one of the Cannabis Cups. The man was a marvel and stood up in the front line of activism. His book, The Emperor Wears No Cloths, is one of the best books of the corruptions that made hemp illegal.

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Keif – What is the definition of Kief, or kif?

Kief What is the definition of Kief, or kif? Kief, which also can be written kif, refers to the Moroccan mixture of cannabis with wild, or black tobacco. Recently I had a heated discussion with some commenters on Yahoo in a story that was pushing an agenda that Kief was trichomes. Of course that is a joke but these kids believed it and pointed to the searches they had done.

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Marijuana Cultivation or Growing Pot For Fun & Profit

Everyone asks “How can I grow pot in my yard?” Sometimes you want to know how to grow pot in your home, grow pot on your table, grow pot in the windows, but this is about growing in the back gardens. This is about Marijuana Cultivation or Growing Pot For Fun & Profit. Whether it is for fun, medicine, cloth or food growing cannabis and cultivating pot is not only

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Rototom Reggae Festival Sees Big Bust

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Arriving at the Rototom Reggae festival in Benicassim, the daughter of the president of the courts, Enric Moreara, was pulled over and busted for drugs. Everyone knows that Rototom is merely a great smoke fest. More like the rock tours of past days but focused on the Rasta lifestyle. It makes for a great reason to get together with other lovers of

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Colorado Gives Finger To PTSD Patients

You may be able to buy cannabis to get high and have fun with but if you have post traumatic stress disorder you are out of luck as a medical condition. Cannabis is known for it’s ability to calm and relieve stress but Colorado, for some unknown pharmaceutical reason has decided that cannabis could not possibly help with stress disorders. You just have to wonder. For me the main loss

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Advanced Hash Oil Refinement

Advanced Refinement Techniques by D.Gold The translucent amber oil produced by charcoal filtering the ether phase of the extraction and isomerizing the cannabidiol present to THC contains, in most cases, between thirty and sixty per cent THC. Utilizing rather complex and exacting techniques of modern chemistry, it is possible to further refine this oil. Fractional distillation of the oil will yield a product which is up to twice as strong

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Making Hash Crystals Instead of “Dabbing”

This article is to help readers to understand that “dabbing,” which is using hash oils, can be replaced by using the crystalline form of THC. There are still some people that think THC cannot be refined to its’ pure crystalline form. Isolation of pure cannabidiol If completely clear THC (a clear, thin, colorless oil) is desired, it is necessary first to isolate pure cannabidiol from the chromatographed oil by converting

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Countries With More Freedom Than The USA

Recently Yahoo has been pushing yellow journalism in their news feeds. The scare tactics they use are designed to keep the rabid anti-drug crowd up in arms. Each brings back memories of the William Randolph Hurst yellow journalism that brought us the barbaric prohibition. Articles are also questioning whether Americans have the ability to use cannabis and still remain productive citizens, as if freedom would dictate such idiocy.


Friendly Bugs For Cannabis Plants – The Praying Mantis

Getting rid of unwanted bugs from your marijuana plants can be a real hassle at times. I am going to try and give you some information from the 50 years growing and using cannabis plants and the fight against it’s predators.

Pictured here left is one of the best friends any garden can have in the fight against garden pests – the praying mantis.


Cannabis Movement In Colorado And Washington State

Free And Legal Pot (Cannabis)

Well, it finally happened. Enough people came of age and took the government to task for the 85 years of corruption engineered by Morgan bank, DuPont and the Hearst papers.

Without going into the horrid history of prohibition I want to start out with the first efforts to dink the armor of the government justice departments bent on making money on crimes they created. That is to say, medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana – The Dink in the governments armor.