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Friendly Bugs For Cannabis Plants - The Praying Mantis

Getting rid of unwanted bugs from your marijuana plants can be a real hassle at times. I am going to try and give you some information from the 50 years growing and using cannabis plants and the fight against it's predators.

Pictured here left is one of the best friends any garden can have in the fight against garden pests - the praying mantis.

Cannabis Movement In Colorado And Washington State

Free And Legal Pot (Cannabis)

Well, it finally happened. Enough people came of age and took the government to task for the 85 years of corruption engineered by Morgan bank, DuPont and the Hearst papers.

Without going into the horrid history of prohibition I want to start out with the first efforts to dink the armor of the government justice departments bent on making money on crimes they created. That is to say, medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana - The Dink in the governments armor.

Sam The Skunkman DEA Scammer?

Who is Sam the Skunkman and where did he come from? Better yet, whom is he really backed by?

As with almost everything these days the hidden agendas of those who are trying to control the weed market, or any power organization, the theories abound. To me, in my opinion, there is only the gut feelings and organizational independence to keep you on a straight path.

Cannabis Farmer is always interested in weed, how to grow and how to cultivate. Having spent the better part of 45 years in the search for knowledge and power in the plant have provided an abundance of providence.

UK Government at Odds With Science

The recent spate of news from the UK is fraught with tales of government abuse of position. The governments chief drug adviser has called out the government for the frauds they have perpetrated to raise penalties for cannabis use to include jail and huge fines.

The Monsanto of Marijuana Seeds – Dutch Seed Mafia Continued

Who are the Monsanto of Cannabis seeds? Why it is the Dutch seed mafia! From the ever-present Cannabis Cups to the news outlets like Soft Secrets the push to seeds is blatant. Even more is the push to feminized seeds! The constant reminder that clones may be illegal highlights all this.


Freedom of speech is one of our most important rights. Control of media and cannabis information is our biggest issue, in an industry that has very little regulation. As I told the LEAP official who boasted that he has been in the movement since 1989, I have been in the movement since 1963, and have really moved a lot of marijuana!

Ice Wars: Update Bubble Bags Greatest Ripoff in Cannabis History

I have been in the cannabis trade since 1963, and nothing I have ever experienced was as low life as some of the people involved in the ice wars patent infringement and intellectual property rip off case. The case is so bizarre I really don’t know where to start.

Treating Yourself - Meet Dr. Frankenbeanstein

Are your expensive Dutch female seeds hard to clone, or when you try to breed them, all you get are hermaphrodites?

Thank Dr Frankenbeanstein, aka the Skunkman, real name David Watson.

A bit of history:

Dutch Smoking Ban Hits Marijuana Coffee Shops

The Dutch have finally succumbed to the laws afflicted by the appointed officials in Brussels. One of the last countries to give in to the cigarette-smoking ban inflicted through the dictates of EU appointees. Dutch subjects did not have the balls Spaniards had, who protested and got much of the law rescinded. Spanish still enjoy smoking bars, restaurants and cafes after they put millions on the streets in protest. The Dutch will not be so brave or lucky as they quickly find ways to adapt to the new dictates rather than protest.

260 Tons Of Hashish Siezed in Afghanistan

The price of Afghan pollen will be skyrocketing with the oil prices, as a snitch turned in a 261-ton stash of primo just outside of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan.

An Interior Ministry police unit received a tip on Monday about a drug stockpile in the Spin Buldak area of Kandahar province, and found the 236.8 metric tons (261 tons) of hash hidden in several trenches. The region is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Pakistani border.

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